How to Make a Living from Crafts

Author: Margo Price

Edition: 1 (Kindle Edition) - Now available in paperback.

"How to Make a Living from Crafts" provides a fundamental blueprint for anyone running, or thinking of running, their own craft business. It tackles the major dilemma faced by crafts people: how to convert infrequent craft sales into a regular income. By creating multiple income streams and passing on your skills and knowledge to others, it explains how you really can turn your hobby into a paying job.

In this book, Margo Price shares her tried-and-tested techniques, perfected from over ten-year’s experience of running her own sewing business "Time4me Workshops". While "sewing" is used as the example, the original and practical ideas presented in this book will provide essential reading for anyone hoping to make a living from any type of craft.

How to Make a Living from Crafts

Find out how to turn your hobby into a business

Converting your hobby into a money-making operation isn't always a smooth transition. You will need to change your attitude, get serious and act professional. To make a living in a craft business you must adopt a business-like attitude, become more focused on money and profits, and take a objective look at what it is you produce, and why.

Learn how to make crafts that will make you money

It's easy to get attached to your work and think everyone will have the same warm fuzzy feelings about your creations as you do. Think again. The biggest mistake is to make what you want rather than making what people want to buy. As with any new product or service, testing the market is key to your success.

Discover how to make a fair profit for your creations

How much should you charge? Most people can't tell you the cost, overhead, or the time put into a making a craft item. When making your crafts be sure you include your time and expenses and ask for a price that will make you a profit. This is crucial to your success.

Learn how to advertise your craft and your business

While craft fairs are a good place to test and sell your wares, you must also have a presence the internet. It's tempting to think that once you are on the internet, people (and sales) will find you. They won't. You need to advertise yourself. There are numerous ways to do this and many are free.

Find out whether you really need your own website

Having your own website can be expensive unless you (or a friend) have the skills and time to do it. There are ways to become part of an already established website, set-up your own online shop - and all for free. But don't think you won't have to promote it. Constant promotion, both online, using social media, and offline, is key.

Discover how to get your own online shop - FOR FREE

Turning a seasonal craft business into a year-round stable income can be a difficult transition to make unless you get creative about how you are going to sell yourself and how you are going to get repeat business from your customers. A common mistake amongst crafters is failing to look after the needs of their existing customers.

Learn how to keep your customers coming back for more

Keep trying new ideas: indulge your creative spirit. This will keep things interesting for you and keep them fresh for your customers, giving them a reason keep coming back. Apply your crafty creativity to your business.

Learn how to create multiple income streams

Don't get locked into the thought that the only way you can make money in crafting is to sell the products you've made. Some of the most successful crafters also write, teach, sell their designs or publish their own books. Teaching is a great way to make money in the crafting field.

Learn how to make teaching the bedrock of your business

In addition to explaining the easiest way to run your craft business, this book explains the best way to organise and run your craft classes (or workshops), whether from your own home, the garden shed or some other local venue.

"How to Make a Living from Crafts" is now available on and (and all of Amazon's other foreign sites) as an e-book for the Kindle.

How to Make a Living from Crafts

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