How to Sew with Confidence

Author: Margo Price

Edition: 1 (Kindle Edition) - Now available in paperback.

Do you want to make the designs you see in sewing magazines or on the web?

Has your sewing machine been lurking in the understairs cupboard since you bought it?

Do you lack the confidence to take control of your sewing machine?

"How to Sew with Confidence" provides the perfect jargon-free starter guide for those who would love to master their sewing machine. With a collection of simple, but stylish, sewing projects and a detailed reference section of basic techniques, this book guides you, step-by-step, through the basics of machine sewing.

In this book, Margo Price shares her tried-and-tested techniques and sewing projects, perfected over ten-year’s experience of running her own sewing business "Time4me Workshops". The practical ideas presented in this book will provide essential reading for anyone wanting an easy-to-understand introduction to the fascinating world of sewing.

How to Sew with Confidence

Learn how to buy the right sewing machine

Don't be tempted to buy a cheap budget machine that claims to do it all. You will need a robust machine that will not disappoint. As with any technology, the more you pay, the better it will be.

Get to know your sewing machine and how it works

Becoming confident with a sewing machine takes a lot of time and practice. You will need to read your instruction manual but you don't need to know it all to begin with. Learn how to thread your machine and practice some basic stitches on scraps of fabric.

Discover the essential tools and notions you will need for your sewing

The market is full of exciting, new products that claim to be indispensable in your sewing box. But you really only need a few basic tools. Always choose the best quality products you can afford.

Learn as you sew

Many sewing books start with lots of information on techniques which can overwhelm you before you start. In this book you will begin working on projects straight away and refer only to the technique that you need in order to complete them. In this way you will learn and improve gradually, in manageable chunks, and will not be put off by lots of theory.

Find out how to accurately measure, cut and finish your sewing projects

Precision is so (sew?) important to your sewing projects if they are to look good. There are tools and techniques you need to master if you are to create professional looking projects.

Discover how to add binding and piping to your projects

Find out how to deal with edges to ensure that your fabrics do not fray, are adequately secured and look neat. Create single and double hems that will make your sewing projects look fabulous.

Learn how to make household items to decorate your home

The collection of 10 sewing projects in this book are all projects for around the home. They begin with a simple shopping bag, a patchwork, oven gloves, a tea cosy, items to decorate your dining table and, to finish with, a hot water bottle cover and a patchwork quilt.

Learn how to do patchwork, quilting and free-machine embroidery

In this book I will take you through the basics of patchwork, quilting and free-machine embroidery. Once you have mastered these techniques you will be able to tackle numerous other projects and start making your own designs.

Learn how to decorate any sewing project with applique

There are numerous methods of applique, some simpler than others, which can be used to bring even your simplest projects to life. Once you have mastered a few simple techniques you will be able to personalise and decorate any sewing project and make it your own.

"How to Sew with Confidence" is now available on and (and all of Amazon's other foreign sites) as an e-book for the Kindle.

How to Sew with Confidence

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