How to Get Started in Free-Machine Embroidery

Author: Margo Price

Edition: 1 (Kindle Edition) - Now available in paperback.

Do you want to be more creative with your sewing?

Do you want to learn how to get more from your sewing machine?

Do you lack the confidence to get started in machine embroidery?

"How to Get Started in Free-Machine Embroidery" provides the ideal jargon-free beginners guide for those who want to explore free-machine embroidery. With a collection of creative sewing projects and individual sections for mastering basic techniques, this book guides you, step-by-step, through the basics of free-machine embroidery.

In this book, Margo Price shares her tried-and-tested techniques and sewing projects, perfected over ten-year’s experience of running her own sewing business "Time4me Workshops". The practical ideas presented in this book will provide essential reading for anyone wanting an easy-to-understand introduction to the fascinating world of free-machine embroidery.

How to Get Started in Free-Machine Embroidery

Find out if your sewing machine is capable of machine embroidery

Cheap budget machines that claim to do it all may disappoint. A basic machine with a few basic functions, if it is sturdy, may be all you need to get started.

Get familiar with your sewing machine and how it works

Becoming confident with a sewing machine takes time and practice. You don't need to know it all to begin with but keep striving to make regular progress and acquire new skills and techniques.

Discover the essential threads, needles and fabrics you will need for free-machine embroidery

Using quality tools and materials will ensure you are not disappointed. Poor, cheap or inappropriate threads, needles and fabrics will undermine all your hard work.

Learn by doing

Many sewing books start with lots of information and theory which can be overwhelming. In this book you will begin working on projects straight away. In this way you will learn and improve in manageable chunks, and will not be put off by too much information.

Discover how to embellish your appliqué designs

Get creative and turn simple appliqué designs into custom designs or personalised gifts for your friends and family by using free-machine embroidery.

Discover how to write with a needle

Add words, names or other text to your sewing creations by using free-machine embroidery techniques. Even without a programmable machine you can learn to embroider your sewing projects with confidence.

Learn how to do free-motion quilting

Finish off your quilting projects in style by learning how to do free-motion quilting. Create formal or informal designs or find your inspiration from nature.

Learn how to draw pictures with your sewing machine

Free-machine embroidery can be used to create wonderful freehand sketches or line drawings. The possibilities are endless when you bring your own distinctive flair to your sewing.

Learn how to use dissolvable fabrics

Dissolvable fabrics can be used to make your own machine-stitched lace, adding attractive lacy borders to any sewn item by trapping pieces of fabric between two layers of film.

"How to Get Started in Free-Machine Embroidery" is now available on and (and all of Amazon's other foreign sites) as an e-book for the Kindle.

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