How to Dye Your Own Fabric

Author: Margo Price

Edition: 1 (Kindle Edition) - Now available in paperback.

Do you want to dye your own coloured fabrics?

Do you want learn how to dye your fabrics safely and easily at home?

"How to Dye Your Own Fabric" provides a straight-forward beginners guide for those wanting to explore a whole new world of colour. With a collection of creative sewing projects and basic dyeing techniques that anyone can achieve in their own home, this book guides you, step-by-step, through the craft of fabric dyeing.

In this book, Margo Price shares her tried-and-tested techniques and sewing projects, perfected over ten-year’s experience of running her own sewing business "Time4me Workshops". The creative ideas explained in this book provide essential reading for anyone wanting an inspiring introduction to the fascinating world of fabric dyeing.

How to Dye Your Own Fabric

Find out how safe and easy it is to dye your own fabric at home

Dyeing is not difficult. There are chemicals involved, and a fair amount of mess, but with a bit of care and attention to detail, home dyeing is easily achievable by almost anyone.

Explore the world of colour

As with painting, you need only three basic primary colours to begin with, plus black, and a whole colour-wheel can be created.

Discover which fabrics you can dye and what chemicals and equipment you will need

You will need just a few basic chemicals and equipment to enable you to to create fabulous custom coloured fabrics of your own.

Learn how to dye a basic colour wheel

This book provides an introduction to the basic colour wheel and how to reproduce all the colours from primary colour dyes.

Discover the 5 stage process to dyeing your fabric

This book simplifies the dyeing process and shows you how to create the basic colours on a colour wheel. You will then go on to try other colour wheels for different effects.

Discover how to get more from your colour wheel

Once you have mastered the basic colour wheel, you will be shown how to create even more colours, alternative colour wheels and muted tones to enable you to have full control of the dyeing process.

Reinforce your skills with projects

A variety of colourful projects are included in this book that you may wish to tackle to reinforce your new-found dyeing skills and expand on your knowledge and experience of colour.

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