How to Design & Make Fabulous Cushions

Author: Margo Price

Edition: 1 (Kindle Edition) - Now available in paperback.

Do you want to master the basics of cushion-making?

Do you want learn how to design your own cushions?

"How to Design & Make Fabulous Cushions" provides a easy-to-follow guide for stitchers wanting to master the basics of cushion-making. By breaking down cushion-making into its design components and then demonstrating commonly used decorative techniques and methods of closure, this book explains, step-by-step, how to mix and match the components to create your perfect cushion.

In this book, Margo Price shares her tried-and-tested techniques and sewing methods, perfected over ten-year’s experience of running her own sewing business "Time4me Workshops". The fabulous ideas explained in this book provide essential reading for anyone wanting an inspiring introduction to the fascinating world of cushion-making.

How to Design & Make Fabulous Cushions

Brighten your home, please you friends and educate your children using cushions

Cushions can have a function as well as being decorative. Before you design your cushion think about your intended user and how it will, or could, be used.

Learn what fabrics work best

Before you start making your cushion, consider the fabric options available and their suitability for the item you are going to make.

Combine your favourite design elements

This book presents you with numerous design combinations you can combine to create you own unique cushions tailored for a specific purpose and a particular person.

Master popular decorative techniques

By mastering some basic patchwork and applique techniques you will be able to create a variety of cushion designs to suit any room or occasion.

Master six methods of cushion closure

Learn the basic methods of closure for your cushions: envelope, zip, button, loop-and-button, hook-and-loop and ties.

Discover how to apply popular edgings

Learn how to apply stitched edges, bindings, piping, frills, flanges, frills, tassels to your cushions.

Learn how to stuff your cushion successfully

By using the right method to stuff your cushion you will achieve a result you, and your family and friends, will be proud of.

"How to Design & Make Fabulous Cushions" is now available on and (and all of Amazon's other foreign sites) as an e-book for the Kindle.

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